Visitors privacy is most valuable to us. In this case, we don’t consider anything. Have a look at privacy policy.
Information that is collected and reason
The pieces of information are collected those are only formalities. Nothing serious. The information is taken just for keep a record on the site and give a reply or sending mail about updates. In this website information of any visitors are collected by two ways. Students can get their result on the site which requires some information. To know the results students, need to put their details. But they do not need to worry about their that. We can ensure that all personal information is entirely secure to us.
The email address will be stored in our system, and we only use the Id to send you any news such as update news. We do not share your details with anyone else. No pieces of information are even sold or used for evil intent. Everyone’s info is highly confidential to us.
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The layout of cookies policy, intended to enable the site owner to conform to the EU and UK laws concerning the revelation to clients of data about treats utilized on a site. The utilization of many cookies will require the express assent of the customer. Moreover, where the usage of cookies includes the preparing of individual information, information security law requires the exposure of data about such handling to information subjects. Cookies gather the Ip address of device when you visit our site. They just monitor how our users use the site. We use the information for further utilization.

Third party privacy policy

Our visitors will experience some advertisement on this site which belongs to another website ads. Every website has different rules and policies. Each website is followed and structured by own norms and laws. We hope our visitors will follow the laws and do not break any rules. For more information, please visit the site of third party policy.
More privacy policy
It is recommended to the visitors to visit the  Google website to know more about privacy policy.
Update information
This site last updated on 01 June, 2018. It will be updating whenever making changes, correction, and adding new information.  has the right to make changes and adding any improvement anytime. Also, taking any decision by the authority to any matter related to this website to be considered final and also It should remember all visitors that entering and using the site and posting feedback means that you agree to our terms and condition.
We request to subscribe our website to get up to date for latest information. You will be notified whenever posted anything here. We will inform you about our upcoming activities as well. However, a user can unsubscribe the web site also. Then no notification will be sent to his/ her email address. But if he wishes further, he can subscribe the site again.

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